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About Us


About The Marketing Guy

Without fail, people butchered my name and referred to as the marketing guy ten times a week. It didn’t seem to matter where I worked or what I did, I was called the marketing guy.  So, fight no more.  The name stuck.

People kept asking me “why” their marketing efforts weren’t effective.   They wanted to know what to do next time. Even more, they wanted a last ditch effort to save their venture.

I started getting invited to a lot of free lunches.  I thought I was a pretty awesome lunch date until people who weren’t really friends or former clients asked me to meet at local restaurants.  Someone told them that I was an “ideas man”.  Wow!  They wanted my ideas.

After a while, I knew what was coming.  People wanted to talk to me about saving their businesses or events.  They wanted to know how they could reach more customers or attract more attendees.  They thought that we could talk it out over lunch and I would spout million dollar ideas for a sandwich and a salad.  “I did!”  And afterward, I felt great for having helped someone but there was no other reward for my family. And, my wife grew tired of my lunch stories.

That’s when she hit me.  I mean, that’s when “it” hit me.  I would help people at a more than fair rate.

I’ve watched great products and services come and go.  The lack of engaging marketing campaigns has doomed many businesses, products and services to fail. Small businesses have the toughest time bouncing back from bad marketing.

My team and I help small businesses avoid the pitfalls of bad marketing, not marketing, or being out marketed. 

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