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26 Apr

In 2005, Twentieth Century Fox Animation released the movie Robots. Quotes from that movie stuck with me.  Bigweld, voiced by the great Mel Brooks has some pretty amazing lines.

“See a need, fill a need” – Bigweld (Robots, 2005)

I love to see my fellowman walk in abundance. I heart success.  People come to me with a need, a budget, and a wish list and I get positive results.  I get the pleasure of finding the best use of your budget. I place your message in front of the person(s) most likely to buy, support, or visit your offer. People needed affordable marketing advice and I love the work.

The ever-changing truth

“The world you’re looking for no longer exists. You missed it. Find some other foolish dream.” – Bigweld (Robots, 2005)

Creating a Facebook page and a website alone without a marketing campaign is equivalent to hoping you trip over a pile of money for the taking.  If you rely on foot traffic, keep passers-by informed of what you have to offer.  You can’t take current and potential customers’ wants, likes, and right to change their minds for granted.  Stay in front of your target audience with a constant and consistent message. Never become out of sight and out of mind.


There’s great news!

“You can shine no matter what you’re made of.” – Bigweld (Robots, 2005)

You can market whatever you have to whomever you like. Social media, digital media, and competitive print mediums have somewhat leveled the playing field for appropriate targeting.  You don’t have to reach everyone, just the right one. Find the qualified, willing, and ready buyer. Think sniper, not shotgun in your approach unless you’re selling tissue, donuts, etc.


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